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Receivership Services

A Receiver is an independent third party, appointed by the court, who assumes the role of trustee or Manager.

William H. Kerdyk, Jr., President and CEO of Kerdyk Real Estate, is an experienced Receiver who has numerous Circuit Court appointments and has a clear focus on how to stabilize and preserve Real Estate assets.

Mr. Kerdyk is well-versed in the handling of Residential Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed-Use Properties. He is able to effectively assess an asset’s condition, determine its needs, implement a marketing plan, and pursue activities to maximize an asset’s value.

His firm, Kerdyk Real Estate, is a recognized leader that has been serving the South Florida community since 1926. The company’s Division of Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, and Estates was created in 2006 to address a growing market need. The Division focuses on the managing and servicing of foreclosed, lender-owned (REO), distressed, and estate properties. The company provides services to numerous banking institutions, mortgage lenders, and others before, during and after litigation and foreclosure, to assure control of the properties, preserve lender collateral, and assist with asset disposition. Whether the asset is Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Mixed-Use real estate, the company is poised and ready to market, lease, sell, or manage the property.

The Kerdyk team includes certified Community Association Managers (CAM), Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM), and certified Real Estate Owned Specialist (REO). Our full-time multilingual professionals are positioned to get the job done right.

Receiver Duties

  • Stabilize an asset by controlling its operating costs, maximizing its operating gains, and preserving it’s collateral value.
  • Inspect property, interact with tenants and vendors, obtain and review records, and establish operational procedures.
  • Control authorizations and pay operating expenses, collect rent, provide management services, or as instructed by the court.
  • Prepare monthly financial and narrative reports for the litigant parties and the court.

Serving The South Florida Community Since 1926